Oh hey gals remember me? Its dickbag!

There are only a few things more annoying than men who refer to women as “gals”. Yes the word itself is annoying enough but what I find utterly vomit inducing are the people behind the mouths that utter it. Just the way it rolls off their tongue gives me the ibber jibbers.

It is usually divorced, middle class, middle age men who just realized 24 year olds might be in play if they bought that used Corvette on Craigslist and went to the gym once a week. The thinking is that saying “gals” is orders of magnitude hipper and skews younger.

These imbeciles are also very likely to frost their tips, wear one too many pieces of jewelry and have a habit of taking creepy solo vacations to Thailand.

Neil Everett and Colin Cowherd of ESPN are two of these men. If you see either of them at the mall please give’em a kick in the nuts for me.


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